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Top 5 benefits of NABL Accreditation

Is your instrument showing faulty recording? Do you want to improve its reading? Well, it’s time to get introduced with analytical testing lab based in Delhi. Spectro will offer the best calibration services in Delhi depending on the current status of your instrument. The lab personnel will identify the problems in the instrument and adjust its accuracy. This NABL accredited lab offers accurate and affordable calibration testing services. Know about the exact issues in your instrument and find the best solution to improve its efficiency.

Laboratory tests are the most common and quickest solution to find out about the quality of any product before it is marketed to the consumer. From household water tests to industrial chemical testing, laboratory tests are making our day to day life more convenient every day. Laboratory tests are used in various sectors including food safety, water safety, medical, environmental monitoring, etc. The data they provide to the professionals of various sectors, helps them take decisions which come forward to us sooner or later. It also informs the manufacturers about the quality of the raw materials or components before use.

The laboratories hold so much responsibilities on their shoulders, that it is necessary to keep a proper check on their ability and credibility to handle various types of tests. A modern framework of accrediting laboratories has come up as the solution for keeping a check on them. To get accredited, a laboratory has to fit to the highest and most accurate standards of service delivery. The efforts and process involved pushes the laboratories to upscale their equipment and working to the highest internationally recognised standards of ISO/IEC 17025.

Wondering how accreditation helps you? Here are five reasons why accreditation is important for laboratories.

• It creates a sense of faith and trust – Accreditation is the standard which is given to the laboratory for maintaining the required high standards of services. It acts like a certificate and identification of great service and credibility. The clients of the laboratory are highly benefited by the strong assurance of quality. Getting your products certified by an accredited lab is an assurance of performance, durability and value for money. While getting tests done at accredited laboratories, you will never have second thoughts about the results. Quality certificate awarded by leading NABL accredited labs are not only valid in India but in various countries around the world.

• It makes you stand out among other laboratories – Accreditation acts as a filter which filters out the unaccredited laboratories, and brings out the best one forward. It’s a way of making sure that the clients always go to the best for their services. An unaccredited laboratory holds no credibility towards high standards and assurance of quality. The unaccredited laboratories are never audited by any accreditation body, hence they do not meet the regulations and standards, always leaving the clients unsure about the results.

• Accuracy that has no match – An accredited laboratory works to maintain the highest standards of proficiency and preciseness. You can be confident about the accuracy of the results and take the relevant decisions. Unlike non accredited laboratories, the accredited ones work with utmost professional. The accuracy of the testing results is their ultimate priority and they provide the highest standard of service to their clients.

NABL accredited labs have state-of-the-art labs packed with the latest equipment and their staff will be highly trained. With a wide spectrum of tests, they are capable of providing you not only the most accurate but also the most comprehensive analysis.

• Exceptional level of control – Accredited laboratories are bound to carry out all the tests in controlled environments ensuring the additional level of confidence regarding the tests. The tests are conducted on various levels of controlled environments mimicking the possible conditions the samples will experience. Such testing ensures the credibility of tests even in the long run. There is an assurance that your products or devices will be checked against all odds and in all ideal conditions. Getting tested and certified by NABL accredited labs will give your brand an enhanced credibility.

• Reduction of costs – Using an accredited laboratory for your tests not only provides you the best quality but also reduces the costs upto a greater margin. There are set limits for the costs set by the accrediting bodies which must be maintained by the laboratories. An unaccredited body can charge you at any rate they wish, but the accredited laboratories are bound to comply with the set limits. These laboratories offer to test your equipment at the manufacturing unit as well which negates the transportation cost too. In the long run, a certificate granted by accredited lab will be valid for a longer period of time, thus avoiding additional expenditure on repeated tests.

Getting tested and certified by NABL accredited labs is the final seal of approval for a manufacturer. As they understand the government regulations and industry standards better than anyone else, you can be sure that their services are the best in the business. 

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